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SUP Rail Tape

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Product Details


Rail Tape prevents scrapes, scratches and dings along the rail of your SUP from the paddle or anything else.

Our rail tape has been engineered to be impact-resistant, so no matter how many times the edge of your board gets banged, it's still going to work great and look fantastic.

It delivers value in preventing marks on your board and preserving it in excellent condition for a lifetime use and greater resale value.

Our SUP/Surfboard Rail Tape offers:

  • Outstanding durability and outdoor performance
  • Superb resistance to water, UV light, humidity and salt spray
  • Protection against rocks, obstacles in the water, and bumps against other boards
  • Guaranteed best value on the market.

Our tapes are clear, so the unique design and colours of your board can be seen.

Clear Smooth is more flexible and transparent.

Clear Frost has been designed for surfaces that have less curve, providing more grip for your rails.

It's quick and easy to install - simply apply it in manageable sections while slowly peeling the backing off.

We also include wet method instructions - this includes using a detergent mix to delay adhesion, so you can line it up perfectly on your board before allowing time for it to dry.


  • Clear Smooth - 4m x 65mm x 0.7mm
  • Clear Frost - 5m x 100mm
  • Clear Smooth - 2 rolls x 2.5m x 65mm / 8.2' x 2.56"
  • Clear Smooth - 2 rolls x 2m x 65mm / 6.6' x 2.56" available in US only

Installation instructions:


This video is easy to understand and describes the simple installation method.

We recommend allowing it to dry for at least 24 hours if you use the wet method. This will enable micro particles of water between your board and the rail tape to disappear - this makes installation easy and create a great result.


AU Stock

Clear Smooth - 4m x 65mm x 0.7mm - $24.95

Clear Frost - 5m x 100mm - $32.95

Clear Smooth - 2 rolls x 2.5m x 65mm - $29.95

US Stock

Clear Smooth - 2 rolls x 8.2' x 2.56" - $29.95

Clear Smooth - 2 rolls x 6.6' x 2.56" - $24.95

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